Each garden is unique
Contemplative nature, I am fascinated by plants, gardens and staging. My job is to give life to your ideas and see the birth of a drawn project that will evolve into a vibrant and cohesive garden.

My goal is to create the garden that you like and you have always wanted. For this I imagine a single color, fragrance and landscape architecture that matches your tastes. That's why I love working on all styles of gardens as long as they are in harmony with the house and nature.

I also work in collaboration with landscape architects, decorators and florists.

Maintenance, Creation & Coaching

Annual or regular maintenance of all your green spaces

- mowing
- shearing of shrubs
- hedge shearing
- perennials shearing
- fruit trees shearing
- watering
- leaf pickup
- brush clearing
- soil tillage
- biological pesticide treatments

Arrangement of green space on plan

- Wood and composite terraces
- Concrete terraces
- Landscape Masonry
- Installation of claustras (breaker view posts)
- Laying pebbles, gravel, crushed marble, slate, pozzolan
- Creation of flowerbeds
- Japanese step
- Installation of automatic sprinkler
- Plant mulch

- Planting trees & shrubs
- Planting annuals and perennials massifsde
- Laying lawn roller
- Vegetable gardens
- Orchards
- Tillage & soil amendment

Create your own french garden

You want to benefit from the ideas of a landscape gardener, advice for planting and tending, but you want to make it by your own? I offer classes in gardening (landscape coaching) to your home. It is also a very good gift to give your loved ones.

A first tour of your garden will allow me to give you my opinion on the ideas that I can bring you and be ready to listen to your project. During a second appointment, I present you a detailed project plans and drawings and the quantities and locations of plants and substrates . You have a third appointment If revisions to your project must be made.

Rates: Hourly rates depending on the project.

Trip : all distances with travel costs for the region outside Paris

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